Aromatic Beer and Cocktail Candles For Every Mood

Shots and Beers Candles specializes in fragrant scented cocktail candles

 that stimulate the senses and create an atmosphere

that’s just right for any occasion.

Choose From Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Tobacco, and Bourbon.

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Your nose and home will Thank You.

About Me

Starting a business has always been a desire and goal of mine.

While working odd jobs and chasing higher education,

I always had the urge to be a businesswoman with multiple

business to provide for my family and future generations to come.

My scented cocktail candles and beer candles are made from high-quality coconut soy wax. Beyond its fragrance, this type of wax allows for a slower burn. That means your home and nose can be treated to the scents of our candles for up to 50% longer than with a traditional paraffin wax candle. Browse our featured selection of scented candles below.

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