3 of the Best Occasions to Gift Cocktail Candles

What makes cocktail candles such a great gift? And what's the best time of year to gift these novelty-scented candles? We're here to help you learn just that. Let's get started.

Cocktail Candles Make Excellent Gifts

Even though 40% of candle buyers buy candles consistently throughout the year during the holidays, candle buying spikes due to their great gift-giving qualities as well as their ability to bring the perfect look and scent to holiday cocktail parties. Whether you can't decide what to get for a loved one or you already know that there's someone in your family who would love a cocktail candle, you really can't go wrong with this gift around the holiday season.

Valentine's Day

Use some cocktail candles to set the mood, using scents such as vintage merlot and black plum cognac. These candles are romantic and may even serve as a reminder of past dates with your sweetheart. You can even give them one as a gift to remind them of your special evening. If you're unsure what to gift your sweetheart for Valentine's Day, it's almost always a good idea to go with something unique and memorable like a cocktail candle.

Summer Weddings

Cocktail candles can also be profitable during the summer. Are you wondering what to put in your bridesmaids' wedding bags this summer? Consider adding a fun cocktail candle, such as champagne or pinot grigio. Do you know what each bridesmaid's favorite drink is? Add a cocktail candle scented with a bridesmaid's favorite drink to customize and personalize the gift. Oh, and don't worry, if there is a drink, there is a cocktail candle to complement it. They also make great table centerpieces that can get people talking.

Cocktail candles are available in various styles, from the novelty to the luxury, which includes a keepsake rock glass after your candle has been burnt. Overall, cocktail candles can work all year round due to them being the perfect gift idea for the wine, spirits, and liquor lover in your life.

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