Trade Shows - Frugal Finds to bring your table to together

Trade Shows - Frugal Finds to bring your table to together

Doing a Craft/Farmers Market can be daunting. Not knowing what to bring or even how to set up can pose some challenges when you just don’t know. 

I’m come to find they are a lot easier than you think. 

1.First thing first set a budget because the excited alone will have you going on a shopping spree. 

2. Thrift and resale stores will be your best friend. You can find inexpensive items that will complement your theme giving you more bang for your buck. 

3. Big Box stores can be a big help as well when there are coupons involve. Hobby Lobby often offers their 40% coupon on one single item and they carry various other sales. With that coupon I was able to save $20 alone on one single items. Saving on each item that you buy goes a long ways. 

4. Having two tables is a must. The least inexpensive ones can found at Walmart or on a resale app. You may not be able to start off with two tables but fear not. You also have the option of renting tables for low cost fee. 

5. All in all make a list. Having a list will be your best friend because at the end of the day you are bond to forget something and once your at your show you can’t leave. Pinterest has some really great examples to follow. 

6. Make sure to have fun and meet some other vendors, networking is key. 

7. Follow my board to give you some inventory ideas. 

8. This will help out with some staging ideas 

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