How Did You Come Up With The Name

How Did You Come Up With The Name

I have a very creative and artistic mind. 

Coming up with the name Shots and Beers Candles only took a few days.

 I haven’t seen anyone making candles or naming the way I did. 

With my can do attitude and not taking no for an answer energy I went all in. 

This was my second time around making candles. 

I need my brand and ideas to stand out. Shots and Beers Candles just made a perfect it. 

When your mind is made is up their is nothing no one can say or do to stop you. 

That enter voice inside you just pushes you to jump and I did.
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Famous Question - How did you get started?

The number one question I get asked; is how or why did I start a candle business?
Simply put it was always a hobby and the entrepreneurial spirit has always been in me. 

After so many years of working for someone else I decided to take life by the horns, take a leap of faith and go for it. 

That was back in 2018 here I am a few month later still a baby at it but I’m not giving up. 
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