Cocktail Candles to Pair With The Perfect Date Night

If you're having a classic at-home date night, you'll know that the right candles are an essential element. Candles make a big difference in turning your home's usual atmosphere into something romantic. From providing some mood lighting to a fragrance that really sets the scene, perfectly fragrant candles are the perfect addition to your date night. Adding a fun element to those candles, like a cocktail-themed scent, can make your date night even more special. Here are three of the best types of scents or soy wax candles to use for your date night.

Something to Help Wind Down

The kind of candle that you want for your date night will depend on the type of date night you're having. If you and your partner have both had a chaotic day or week, a relaxing night with a movie you both love and a good meal may be the right choice. The key to finding the right fragrant candles for a night like that is to find something that has both fruity and herbal hints to it, like our Blood Sucker candle. This candle has scent notes of beer, rosewood, musk, eucalyptus, banana, goji berry, and blood orange, creating the perfect balance for a relaxing at-home date night.

Hints of Warmer Weather

When the weather turns colder, you and your partner may find yourselves longing for summer weather and the feeling of sitting on a beach with a nice refreshing drink in your hands. If you're aiming for a hint of summer escape for your at-home date night, choosing a candle that ties in citrus and tropical scents could be the perfect fit. Our Galveston Style candle has notes of gin and tonic, lime, orange, pineapple, maraschino, and sweet coconut to make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation instead of your living room.

Whatever kind of at-home date night you want to have, candles can add to the ambiance and mood. Candles are more popular than ever as the fastest-growing part of the home fragrance industry. They're also the largest, taking up 41% of the market, and that's for good reason considering how much they can add to your home. For your next date night, consider ordering a new candle and making a special night even better.

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