Starting A Business has always been a desire and goal of mine. 

While working odd jobs and chasing higher education, I always had the urge to be a businesswoman with multiple businesses to provide for my family and future generations to come. 

After so many closed doors and half finished paths, I started thinking long and hard about what I could do to change the narrative that so many fall into. 

I wanted to started a business but I had so many doubts with not coming from a wealthy family and student loans hanging in the background. 

So I played it safe and opt to get a regular job, pay down debt and then one day I would be able to start my business. But with that plan came setbacks. 

The perfect job didn’t come and I still had the strong desire to start my business. One day, God spoke to me and just told me to start on my dream of being a business owner. 

Questions and doubts quite naturally flooded my mind. 

How will I start?  Even with all the questions and doubt that I had, His answer stayed the same.  I didn't have a huge savings to buy what I needed.


The road hasn’t been easy but I’ve learned so much about running a business and about myself.
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